Political Campaign

CODESCEPTRE has a great team of election strategist, campaign managers, booth level teams, social media team, influencers and others. We have also been recognized by leading news publishers. CODESCEPTRE has been helping politicians and political parties in managing election and political campaigns. We are a team of strategist, media professionals, analysts, election experts, voter behaviour experts, creative designers, video production teams, mobile technology experts and copywriters who are qualified and professional. CODESCEPTRE offers wide range of services to manage your political goal and drive ROI in your favor. We have undertaken and successfully delivered to both independent candidates and political parties. Contact us today for hassle free Bihar assembly election campaign management.

Services We Provide for Election Campaign

  • Display ads (Paid)
  • Adwords (Paid)
  • Facebook – Fans & Followers with Target Audience (Paid)
  • Twitter Fans & Followers With Target Audience (Paid)
  • Many Other Media Marketing Feature
  • Banner Designing & Installation
  • Web Portal
  • Content Writers (All Indian Languages)
  • Content Analysts
  • Trend Analysts
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Marketing Executives
  • Nukkad / Natak
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Website Design/Development
  • Video Analysts
  • Video Editors
  • Video Marketing Executives
  • Mobilized Hoardings
  • Short Film Production
  • SMS Marketing Executives For Bulk SMS
  • Voice Message Executives For IVR
  • WhatsApp Marketing Executives
  • Email Marketing – With
  • Target Audience (Paid)
  • Remarketing – With Target Audience (Paid)

Why Choose CODESCEPTRE For Political Campaign Management?

As Pat Mitchell said, " If we don't vote we are ignoring history and giving away the future." In any electoral democracy such as India campaigning is one of the most important and efficient tool. We at CODESCEPTRTE provide you a turn-key solution by an experienced team which helps you in achieving desired outcome in elections. We believe in - 'you are what you do and not what you say you will do', and that is why we come to you with an amazing past record in the last assembly elections in Jharkhand which includes working with Mr. Hemant Soren which resulted in JMM becoming single largest party in Jharkhand and Mr. Hemant Soren became the Chief Minister of Jharkhand. We were game changers in the last election, Mr. Saryu Roy defeated the then Chief Minister of Jharkhand. This was the first time in Indian political history when an independent candidate defeated the sitting Chief Minister. The group members have diverse experience of both consulting District Administration in conducting elections as well as helping Political Parties, manage election campaigns. Members of the team have worked with senior Bureaucrats, MLAs, MPs and Political Parties across ideologies and demography.

There is a famous saying , " I don't trust words, I even question actions, but I never doubt patterns," and as such our pattern of providing desired results to our clients proves us to be good at what we do !

CODESCEPTRE is a group of individuals living to strive for excellence in what we do. We always try to give the best we can. Since 2016, the agency has served over 50+ clients. The company is focused on results driven online marketing strategies (including SEO, PPC, CRO and content marketing) that successfully attract new customers and accelerate client’s online growth.

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